Keep Some Money For Yourself This Winter!

Based on the average homeowner’s spending data from a study in 2011, it was determined that utility bills reached an all-time high in that particular year. Costs are projected to continue this expensive climb with no end in sight. Americans are paying roughly 2% more per month on utilities compared to the same time in 2010.

The average utility bill in the State of Michigan averages around $199.00 per month.  

On average, states in the north face the steepest utility costs with the electricity we use rising at an even higher rate and adding approximately $300 per year to a household’s electricity spending. Electricity now accounts for roughly $1.50 of every $100 of our after-tax income.

One of the ways you can keep your utility expenses low, especially when it comes to your heating and cooling needs, is by having regularly scheduled maintenance performed on your furnace and air conditioners.

A furnace that is not professionally maintained will run longer, harder, and less efficient.

  • Have you noticed your furnace or air conditioner running a lot longer than you think it should?
  • Are you getting hot and cold spots in the house?
  • Does your system struggle to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home?
  • When your furnace is operating do you smell a hot, dusty odor?
  • Does your house seem dustier than normal?
  • When your air conditioner is operating does it just not seem to be keeping up?
  • Do you smoke?
  • Do you have indoor pets?
  • Does your HVAC equipment seem noisier than normal?
  • Are you “noticing” your equipment more – or becoming aware of it? Most homeowners don’t notice their equipment running – if it’s becoming ‘aware’ to you – it might be time for a tune up! It could mean its running louder or longer or more erratically than normal –causing you to take notice of the appliance.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s likely that your furnace needs to be cleaned and soon!

CLS Mechanical, Inc. offers a worry free Preventative Maintenance Program that will help alleviate these issues. Not only will a precision tune up help prevent costly breakdowns, but it will prolong the life of your equipment, while reducing your energy usage and saving you money.

The average furnace will run for over 2,100 hours during the fall and winter season. During a Michigan Winter you can expect 48% of your utility bills to go toward heating your home. Keep in mind that number is calculated on equipment running at its peak performance! Imagine how much harder and longer your furnace will need to run when it is in need of maintenance, causing that percentage to climb.

Homeowners that participate in our Preventative Maintenance Program can expect to be treated professionally and receive excellent service.

CLS Administrative Staff promises that…

  • We offer same day service in most cases on all equipment failures.
  • We offer real 24 hour service on equipment breakdowns.
  • We will always take your call seriously to find an immediate solution to any problems you might be experiencing.

CLS Service Technicians will always…

  • Wear floor protection on their boots
  • Fully explain your options for systems, products, services, and payments.
  • Recommend solutions we think are perfect for your home.
  • Explain anticipated ‘next steps’ for any associated appointments or maintenance that may be necessary or recommended.
  • Keep your HVAC system running at its peak performance

Enroll in our Preventative Maintenance Program TODAY and receive a free 1” furnace filter every time your equipment is maintained! If your system requires a larger filter –you will receive a 15% discount on the replacement.


Common HVAC Myths

My furnace/Air conditioner is only a year old – I don’t need to have it cleaned.

  • A brand new car’s engine gets dirty the minute it starts. This is the same concept for your new HVAC equipment.  You’d still take your new car in for an oil change every 3,000 miles, so please give the same care and attention to one of your largest home investments.

My A/C Just needs to be charged again.

  • The only time refrigerant needs to be added to your system is when it is leaking. Leaking refrigerant is costly and dangerous. “Re-charging” a unit is not the solution. Repairing the leak is the only solution.

To save money on your utility bills just close the registers in the rooms that are mostly unused.

  • Your AC system is designed to flow a certain amount of air every minute, which is measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM). By shutting off rooms and or registers you create resistance to that air flow which in turn causes stress on the system and can lead to a shorter life span and longer run cycles. This drives up the cost of operation.

Turning the thermostat down will cool the house quicker.

  • Your equipment knows no difference in your needs depending on how you set your thermostat. Setting it super high and super low to “get it cooled or heated quicker” is never going to get you there faster. It will run at the same pace whether you set it for a 2 degree difference or a ten degree difference. Your AC unit takes hot air in your home and replaces it with cool air at a set rate, and you can’t make it work any faster by lowering the temperature dramatically.

Buying a newer energy efficient furnace or air conditioner will automatically reduce my energy bill.

  • While installing a more efficient unit is a good way to save money, if it is improperly sized for your home or not installed properly, you will see little change in your utility bills. Always request that your HVAC contractor professionally conduct a LOAD CALCULATION to ensure proper equipment sizing. Also request a copy of the load calculation to ensure it was done properly, or done at all.

A $29.95 tune up is just as good as the more expensive one.

  • Not all HVAC companies are the same or are the best for your business. Choose a company with a good track record and that has been in business in the area for more than 20 years.

I don’t have any issues with indoor air pollution

  • That is true if you don't:
  • Have pets
  • Cook
  • Use a washer or dryer
  • Leave your home and re-enter. Ever. Every time you leave and re-enter your home you inadvertently bring in the following things:  mold, fungus, mildew, dust mites, tobacco smoke, pollen and bacteria in the dust on your shoes and your clothes. 

My warranty takes care of my maintenance needs

  • Many homeowners are surprised to read in their equipment warranties that it could be voided if regular maintenance is not performed on the unit by a trained HVAC technician.  Dirty air filters don’t always need to be plugged solid to be considered dirty! A Dirty filter will diminish your efficiency 10%. 

Maintenance Contracts are too expensive.

  • Time off work waiting for service
  • Repair cost
  • Discomfort
  • Failure can cost up to 5 times

As long as I change my filters I don’t need maintenance

  • Most owners do not prepare a PM schedule for air filter inspections and changes. They are busy running their business and do not pay attention to the HVAC equipment until there is a problem or complaint. Air filters that are not changed on a regular basis become clogged with dirt, dust, and moisture, reducing airflow throughout the system which will cause the cooling system to ice up.  Dirty air filters are the main cause of “sick houses”.

I don’t need anything done. The unit is working fine.

  • 80% of the mechanical breakdowns in all hvac equipment are brought on by DITY EQUIPMENT. Just because it doesn’t look dirty to YOU, it’s a different story to a professional HVAC Technician. The cliché “out of sight, out of mind” is often the reason for neglected maintenance on your HVAC system. HVAC systems are usually installed where they aren’t seen, such as in a section of the basement, a closet, on rooftops, or in mechanical rooms, making them easy to ignore. The systems are simply taken for granted, until they fail. Decreased efficiency, utility overpayment, discomfort, loss of productivity, premature replacement, and higher repair costs are the result. Getting your HVAC system checked twice annually is just as important as changing the oil in your car every 3,000 miles!

Ceiling fans and room fans will help the A/C cool the room.

  • Fan cools people, not rooms. Fans just move the air and cause a breeze – they do not actually cool down the air in the home. When you are not in a particular room, turn the fan OFF. A fan will only generate air movement making you FEEL cooler, but not actually cooling a room.

Bigger is better!

  • Equipment that is improperly sized for your home will cost you money in more ways than one.
  • Its more expensive than the properly sized unit
  • It will work harder, costing you more money on your utility bills and it will not dehumidify the air- leaving the space cold and clammy.

The system I have in my home is over 30 years old so I am going to replace it with the same brand.

  • If that is the case with your furnace, congratulations! You are the beneficiary of some great work by the installing contractor who did the work in your home. Improperly installed, the best furnace in the world will not do a good job keeping a home comfortable and will not deliver its designed efficiency rating. Said another way, Consumers Reports and others have said that the installing contractor is the most important choice a consumer can make.