CLS Mechanical is one of the top performers in the corporate maintenance world. A Maintenance Agreement will provide convenience, reliability, and peace of mind. There are many other benefits to having regularly scheduled maintenance performed on your HVAC equipment:

  • Maintenance keeps your equipment working on demand and as efficiently as possible.
  • Reduces the possibility of expensive breakdowns or malfunctions associated with neglected equipment, excessive wear and early failure. Small minor repairs are dealt with quickly before they become larger problems that require a significant investment.
  • Planned maintenance avoids delays in service due to the rush for maintenance services at the beginning of every heating and cooling season
  • Immediate access to CLS Mechanical, Inc. to handle your business’s needs quickly.
  • When you hold a Commercial Maintenance Agreement your yearly cost is fixed with no additional charges for routine maintenance.

Planned maintenance performed as a part of a regular commercial Maintenance plan can significantly reduce energy costs and problems associated with HVAC systems. For example, research shows that regular maintenance will:

  • Reduce overall energy consumption by 25- 30%
  • Reduce unexpected breakdowns by 70-75%
  • Reduce system downtime by 30 to 35%
  • Reduce overall equipment repair and maintenance costs by up to 20%

Regularly scheduled HVAC Maintenance also helps to reduce the effect of Sick Building Syndrome. (EPA Research and Development Department) and Building Related Illness. If you work in an office with several people and everyone seems to be passing the same flu around, it is possible that your indoor air quality is causing Building Related Illness. Regular filter changes and maintenance on your HVAC equipment will help improve the building’s indoor air quality, boosting job performance for all employees.

CLS Mechanical can accurately assess the ventilation system of your commercial building and inform the Property Manager of what we can do to improve a poor air quality situation.

Commercial Kitchen Services

CLS Mechanical offers precision service to all commercial kitchens. We can repair your existing ventilation systems or help you select the best option for replacement.  Improperly ventilated kitchens are not only a serious fire hazard, but a health hazard to employees and patrons. ( Call for an appointment link)